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    Inspired by all the requests to have the device temperature on the top bar.

    Is it possible to have this created? Using GPS to read your location, it will then pull down the temperature from a free weather service. It would be even better to have icons for sunny, cloudy, or rainy. I would like to see this in the center string, next to time (and date, if you installed that patch). I know, there isn't much room already but it would be really cool to have time, date, temperature, and weather all at a glance.

    I currently have Ultimate Wallpaper showing the temperature on the background right now, but I'm often in an app and I have to minimize the app to see the weather. I also mess with the weather icon app and but I hate having to give up room in the launch bar just to see the weather. It also doesn't work that well as I get "WI" a lot of times.
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    this would be great

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