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    Is there anyway to have an animated home screen such as a .gif or something of that nature? I think it would really bring a fresh look to the Pre.
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    +1 If android can do it. WebOS should be able to do it better. Yes? No?

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    I second that... PLEASE DEVLEOPERS?? If a donation is needed, Its here
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    Would probably need to be implemented by Palm instead of the homebrew. Battery impact will be quite untolerable though for this kind of modification. It would be like a video constantly playing in the background. Not only does that take up CPU, but battery as well. Most people that I know that have that kind of capability just turn off the animations for battery sake.

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    you would have to do something to the OS I don't think you can make a patch to do that.
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    You really want to waste CPU cycles and battery on an animated wallpaper? Bad idea... do not want.
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    This would be a neat little bit if eye-candy, but is beyond being a simply patch. There are a lot of other things I'd like to see 'freshened up' in the OS before they start tweaking the gadgets. Battery time is limited as it is and this would be like a vampire locking onto your battery's proverbial neck.

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