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    I wrote a patch that adds back the "Z/*" and "B/#" speed dial keys as well as adds the "@/0", ".", and ",/_" keys.

    I don't know why palm deleted the Z and B keys in a recent firmware update. If anyone knows of where this might be a conflict, please let me know.

    I am not sure if "backup" will save these additional speed dials. I need to look into this. In a future release I hope to have it do so if it does not already.

    I am submitting this to Preware.

    UPDATE 11/21/2010
    Added updated patch for WebOS 2.0.1
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    was looking for the same thing. Thx
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    Thank you! The removal of the letter # has been driving me nuts. SO THANKS!
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    Hi FYI at least on webOS 1.4.5 *, # and 0 cannot being used because * and # are used to enter dial pauses and 0 a plus sign. Cheers.
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    On webOS 1.4.5 and have installed, uninstalled and re-installed your patch via both preware and WebOSQuickInstall with no errors, however, "Z/*" and "B/#" speed dial keys as well as adds the "@/0", ".", and ",/_" keys are NOT showing up as available. any suggestions?
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    jk999, when you say "unavailable," what do you mean? Is it that you cannot see the choices, or that they are grayed out as if they are already in use?
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    I cannot see the choices. As if the patch was not installed.
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    Bump? I've got this issue too. Used to work fine, then I upgraded to 2.1, went back to 1.4.5, and when I tried to re-install this patch it didn't work. Perhaps conflicting with some other patch?

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