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    I am attempting to install a patch for the first time via WebOS Quick Install. I have everything working except when I hit "Install Patch" the app seems to fall asleep as it sits there for 10+ minutes.

    How long should it take before the buttons are reenabled and I can hit "Restart Luna"?
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    Not 10 minutes. Why don't you download preware to your phone and do all your patching from there. It is a lot more manageable. It is in the webos internals (pre) feed if pre or (pixi) if you have a pixi
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    did you look at your phone to see if it was on? sometimes the installation process needs to restart the phone - which can take 5 minutes.

    Also, what patch are you installing? I find generally that each patch will install in less than a minute, but some are bigger, some are actually collections of many patches.

    The speed of your internet connection can be a factor. Once you have Preware installed, you will *probably* find it easier to install patches from their.

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