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    I was wondering if anyone can make a patch to increase the max volume on the palm pre. When I have my apple headphones in, I always have to have my volume all the way up to max. Even when I'm on the bus I have to cover my ears to listen to music or watch a movie. It's really irritating . I was wondering if anyone can make a patch so I can increase the volume to make the volume louder in my headset so I don't have to cover my ears? Also I can't find the cpu scaling patches in the preware patches menu.
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    Cpu patches have been exchanged for custom kernels. Download Uber Kernel and Govnah for your overclocking needs. Make sure you know what you are doing.

    As for increasing the volume, have you tried different headphones? There have been other cases of poor volume that attribute to headsets. There could be a patch that increases the volume output but it could blow ur headset or even fry your volume jack.
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    There is a patch to increase your headset volume. Do a search and you should find it.

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