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    +1 as well...
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    +1 me too!
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    +1 !!
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    I don't know guys, you think a developer would've created a patch by now?
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    Please, I've had this function on other phones...why can't the Pre?
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    I'd love to see a patch that can allow you to send multiple attachments through mms as well. Put me down for a vote. Thanks to all the developers for all they do.
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    I just had a situation today and came searching. Please count me in as one more individual eagerly awaiting a patch release. I commend all the developers for what they do and will continue with my donations...Cheers.
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    I do not think it will work for MMS, simply because many carriers already have a "size limit" on the picture/video content of MMS .. my V friends never see 1/2 the pics I send because they are "too big"

    but I would still love love love this for email!!!

    Please ... Jason ... someone ?? *smiles*
    smiles for your day ~ pixielee
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    This request of mine also fell on deaf ears.

    Also for SMS

    +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
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    Would you also want to be able to select multiple photos at once in email and texts, etc. like a Treo or Android does?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Josipe View Post
    is anyone working on a way to attach multiple pictures to an email without having to do them one at a time?
    And also, how about select multiple pics for deletion from the photo app itself?

    It's missing features, such as these, that tilt people toward the competitors.
    Why hasn't Palm noticed things like this?
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