View Poll Results: As a webOS user, would you want a Virtual Graffiti patch?

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  • Yes, and I'd pay/donate for it.

    38 44.71%
  • Yes, but only if it's free.

    27 31.76%
  • No, I wouldn't want or use it.

    17 20.00%
  • Why would I spraypaint slogans on my Pre?

    3 3.53%
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    Quote Originally Posted by ryleyinstl View Post
    Pre and Pixi have a physical keyboard....40 times better than graffiti. DO NOT WANT!
    Well, some of us really do want it, as it would really speed up entry for those used to Grafitti, and would also mean less slider = less oreo.

    More choices = good.
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    Considering that you can't really use a stylus on the Pre, no thanks. I don't want to use graffiti with my finger, which could be really inaccurate sometimes. I'd rather use the keyboard. Lightyears ahead.
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    I was always faster with my Graffiti than with any other input ... even slower Mobilwrite added to m 680
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    Good idea. I suspect that the negative responses are from people who have never used it.

    It would be need to be integrated into webOS at a low level to be of any use though, and would definitely be better than a virtual keyboard. It has no dependency on PalmOS or requirement for a graffiti area. After the cursor was positioned and Graffiti input was selected, you would simply start drawing invisible characters on the screen. A reduced drag radius would probably be a prerequisite for character recognition.

    It would be another good point of distiction for Palm devices.
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    This would be wonderful for a keyboardless webOS device. Large screen and handwriting recognition. This would definitely set the device apart from any Google and Apple offerings.
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    Want Want Want!

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