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    Patch Request: Keyboard Shortcuts in Card View

    I'll donate $40 to the person who creates this patch.
    to be elegible, the patch must:

    turn universal search off wile the meta-tap/gesture area is held.
    enable the following shortcuts in card view and maybe also launcher:

    gesture+B toggles Bluetooth
    gesture+D toggles Data
    gesture+F toggles Flashlight
    gesture+G toggles Gps
    gesture+H toggles mobile Hotspot
    *gesture+L toggles orientation Lock &/or gesture+space bar toggles portrait/landscape (+$5 donation)
    gesture+M toggles Messenger online/offline
    gesture+P toggles Phone radio
    gesture+R toggles Roam only
    gesture+S toggles System menu
    gesture+T toggles Today menu
    gesture+V pastes clipboard into universal search
    gesture+W toggles Wifi
    gesture+backspace turns screen brightness up
    gesture+enter turns screen brightness down
    *gesture+tap background toggles hide/unhide all open cards (+$10 donation)
    gesture+volume rocker snaps a picture

    *stared items are not required for the $40 donation, but will each earn the creator an extra donation if all shortcuts are packaged into the same patch. Donation including all stared items = $55

    shortcuts should also toggle the graphic in the top bar that represents the hardware it toggles, so that it looks instintanious.

    the patch must be compatible with all existing patches, and must get into preware feeds, so that it will auto update with an os udate.

    anyone else think this would be faster than using the system menu? feel free to add more shortcut ideas! Thanks
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    Great idea. I'd love the gesture+d for data toggle with a little popup notification for confirmation of the keypress.
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    This sounds like possible ideas for future KeyBoss features.

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    This sounds amazing. I hope this happens, because it would make it be huge for me.

    Quote Originally Posted by egaudet View Post
    This sounds like possible ideas for future KeyBoss features.
    Oooh... I like to hear that. KeyBoss is already awesome (especially with the virtual keyboard patch) but this would take KeyBoss to a whole new level. Please make this a feature of keyboss- I think almost every homebrewer would love this
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    sconix has inspired me to think more creatively. What if you held the option button and swiped up, but insteadof a launcher, you got the configuration for card view keyboard shortcuts. Enable or disable any toggle you want, and assign your own custom shortcuts to them. Backswipe to save & exit shortcut configuration.

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