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    When reading books or browsing webpages in a dark surrounding (bedroom i.e.) it would have two advantages to display the text inverse. Theat means: letters (black) become white, and the background (white) gets black.

    The benefits:

    1. Your eyes don't have to sqeeze as much (much more comfortable) because of the bright scrren

    2. Your battery life will be enhanced, because the most parts of the screen have black (not lit) pixels. You can read longer.

    For me point Nr. 1 is the most interesting. I hate it reading with slit-eyes.

    Who wants to fix that with a patch named "inverted screen"?
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    This has been mentioned before somewhere, but I would support a idea like this. Possibly have a global option in the top left hand menu that inverts the text colors only. I wouldn't have a clue where to start, but would kill to have this.

    I always wish there was a better way to handle orientation changes as well.

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    if you use preader you can choose the color of the background and the text -- it is a free app and a good reader for books -- not a lot of help but maybe
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    I agree, it should be a general option simply being activated in the desktop upper right menu (flight modus, WLAN etc), because it's vital to read or write all sorts of texts (emails, SMS, books, documents) without getting tired in a quite dark room or even at night in the car or where ever the available light is very low.

    The PRE should not be a torch, when reading on it. Our eyes are pretty precious things.

    Pleas make it happen! Developers!


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