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    Hello, I'm sorry if this has been requested before. I searched and can't find anything for this. I would like a patch that would allow on the Sprint Pre, when the screen is locked you can unlock the phone by pressing the button in the gesture area. It would also be great if you could turn off the "Drag Up To Unlock" option when you unlock the phone either way (gesture button or corner power button). Does this exist? If it doesn't, can it be done? I will gladly pay for this patch, I can't tell you how many times I've pressed that button to unlock my phone.

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    Unfortunately this has been requested numerous times on numerous threads and the answer is always that the code is deep in webos and can't be changed via a patch. I'm hoping Palm is watching these forums and will see how many people are requesting this and they will make it possible in an update....
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    OK, thanks for the info.
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    if you flip the screen up to reveal the keyboard and press the center button it will unlock the screen
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    If you slide the keyboard out, it will unlock the Pre, no need to press the center button after sliding.
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    This would be great. Palm? I hope ur reading =)

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