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    Could any of you patch gurus add a voicemail waiting count to the top bar?

    Once you swipe away a voicemail notification, only the phone app shows that you have a waiting voicemail. This makes it very easy to forget you've got a voicemail to listen to.
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    There is a patch made by Metaview for the e-mail app that counts the number of unread e-mails you have waiting. That patch causes the e-mail app icon to change to having a number on it that is the number of unread e-mails, similar to how the calendar app changes everyday to show today's day. A request has been made on that thread to make a patch to do the same thing for the messaging app, to where the icon will display a count of the number of unviewed text messages. I'm sure if this request was made on that thread for the phone app, Metaview could make it (assuming you are ok with the icon changing instead of the notification being on the top bar)....
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    Not a bad idea to have the phone app icon show the voicemails waiting, but I think having it on the top bar would be superior. If anyone is willing of course...

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