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    I can't install virtual keyboard and can't find my problem in the threads. I downloaded it, it shows up on my list of downloaded apps, but it doesn't work. When I go to the installer in webos, it says that virtual keyboard hasn't been installed, but won't let me download it again. So it seems to be somewhere on my phone, but not really installed, and it doesn't work, and I can't either get rid of it or fully install it. I've installed several other patches that work fine.
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    Are you using the virtual-keyboard patch from Preware?
    If so, try the following:
    Uninstall it using Preware.
    Remove the virtual-keyboard folder from the USB portion of your Pre.
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    Yes, the patch from Preware. But that's the problem, I can't uninstall it because Preware doesn't think it's installed in the first place. And there is no folder.
    I uninstalled all of my patches through Quick install. They all uninstalled perfectly, except for Virtual Keyboard, which gave me an error. I then reinstalled all of my patches, except for Virtual Keyboard, which doesn't show up on the list because my phone thinks it's already installed. I can't uninstall in through Quick Install or through Preware. I can't install it through Quick Install or through Preware. There is no folder to delete.

    What now?
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    Hi I had the same problem, did the doctor thing, it restored my phone with all my apps I then reinstalled preware and it allowed me to download the VK with no problems. hope this helps
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    Tried that, had to restore everything, but VK still won't install, shows up as a patch on my phone and still won't either remove completely or reinstall.

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