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    Is there a patch out there that will show the linux scrolling restart screen instead of the Palm splash screen (reboot screen where it goes thru the start up of services and init levels)?

    Can you save .mp3's from the Mail app to the ringtones folder. i know you can do it while in usb drive mode and connected via cable, but i was wondering if this can be done from the phone exclusively?
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    Have not a clue about the first one.

    However for the second one, not sure if you want email or mms, but if the mp3 is sent via mms, it will save in a folder called attachments, then if you have Internalz you can move it from there to the Ringtones/Music folder.

    For email, the only solution I have found, it is bad, is to rename the .mp3 to .png on a pc, then email to your phone, download and copy to photos. Go to Internalz and the download folder and rename back to .mp3. Then move in to the Sounds/ringtone folder.
    Hope this helps somewhat.
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    Thanks for the info. It would be cool to see the scrolling linux startup screen. Is there a place to suggest this?

    You would think that saving attachments from email is a normal function. wonder why that functionality wasn't added.
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    Wouldnt it be best to suggest it as a Boot Logo at
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    if u really want that so bad, here
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