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    Sorry for cross-posting. But I originally wanted to beg for the development of this idea:

    Email Notific. by pushing pearl (center button)
    I would pay 10 bucks if a developer would achieve this:

    When the PRE is not used (housed in my righthand jacket pocket) and an email arrives , the pearl (centerbutton) starts blinking 2 times in a 4 seconds period. But - as the PRE is in my pocket I can't see it.

    Wouldn't it be good just to grab the PRE with my right hand in my pocket from time to time, then to push the pearl and then receive a short vibration in case an email has arrived or a SMS?

    This would save me several minutes a day to take out the PRE of my jacket pocket, to watch on the (dark screen) or to switch it on and then to put it back into the pocket

    But the best side-effect would be: nobody wouldn't take notice of my operation to find out, that an email has arrived. I could continue to talk to my opposite partner without taking off my eyes from him, while my right hand is going into my jacket pocket, hits the pearl and "feels" the virbration OR not. If an email actually has arrived I can apologize and read it officially.

    This would be for me the best app at the moment, because it saves time and fuzz. - But some people say, it can't be done technically in WebOS.

    Is there anybody who can answer this question?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gulash View Post
    Sorry for cross-posting. ......
    Your first thread on this topic was under "Palm Pre". This second (same topic) thread is under WebOS patches. No one complained in the first thread. In the future if someone does or if you are worried, you may want to just ask in the thread for a Mod. to change it for you so you don't have two of the same threads. All in all, you have a nice idea. But like most have said it may not be able to be done. Good luck.

    You could also try this.

    Atten: mods/admins. can you combine the two threads?
    link for other thread

    Have a nice day.
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    Now I put it as a request. Perhaps somebody can think about it better now.

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