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    Quote Originally Posted by aa6vh View Post
    I am not sure if this method will work on webOs 2.x but it does work on my AT&T Pre + on 1.4.5:

    In the phone app, dial "#*66623#" (without the quotes) and press the dial button.
    A new card will appear.
    Tap the green "CelleBrite Export" button.
    Aftwards, copy this file from the USB portion: L:\.temp\PmMigration.vcf
    (where L is your Pre USB drive letter)

    This seems to get an entire VCF dump of the contact list, without using the patch described earlier in this thread.

    Hope this helps someone.
    Confirmed that this works on 2.2.x
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post

    Follow the Homebrew Instructions to install this patch. The patch developer has not provided a thread to explain how to use this patch or discuss it so here is a thread with the best information we have.

    "This patch allows you to create a vCard file containing all your contacts, and then attach that file to an e-mail. WebOS does not offer a built-in way to export your contacts, so this seems to be the next best thing."

    Once this patch is installed, you will have a new option in your Contacts application to Save All Via Email.

    Your Facebook or Palm profiles may have phone numbers, birthdays, and other information that you wish you had on your PC email program. This patch allows you to extract the contacts from Facebook, LinkedIn, Palm Profile, Google, and all other email accounts into one vCard file that you can email to yourself. You can then import into all of your Palm Pre or Pixi Contacts into your own email program.

    From: How To: Export and move your contacts with a patch
    "The “Send All Contacts via Email” patch by bsiegel provides a way to get your contacts out of the Palm Profile and into whatever you want. The patch adds the menu option to export your contacts into a standard vCard file (which can take a while if you have a lot) and then attaches that file to an email for you to send to wherever you desire.

    "We’ll use Google as an example here: once exported you can save the vCard file to your computer, and then upload all the contacts to Google by opening Contacts and clicking on Import."

    "Apart from transferring your contacts from the Palm Profile to Google, you can also use the patch to perform backups of your contacts data, as the patch does not discriminate between sources like Google, Palm, and Exchange."
    You can use Notepad or a similar program to edit the vCard vcf file you exported. Delete entries that you do not want to import into your regular email program as well. Make sure that you keep the entries in this format with a blank line between entries and two after the last entry.

    FN;CHARSET=UTF-8:Mickey Mouse
    TITLE:Head Mouse
    ADR;WORK:;;1 Main St Orlando32830
    NOTE:Married to Minnie Mouse
    • See the Backup/Sync thread for how to backup music, photos, etc.
    • The color topbar icons are from the iPhone-Black-Launcher theme.
    • For the code used in the patch see: Patch Contacts Send All via Email - WebOS Internals
    does this work for webOS 2 & above??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Herrie View Post
    Confirmed that this works on 2.2.x
    worked like charm..i had installed that patch in my pixi ..and it was awessome..but after upgrading to pre2 ..never found that in since i got this patch ..i'll try it..but i think this trick #*66623# is kind of first attempt the file was not getting copied..i disconnected and then again tried..and here it is copied on my PC..then i imported to my yahoo..worked like charm..
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    so i also confirm ..this works on 2.2.x
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    just for your info i made a patch to fix some bug in teh vcardexporter on webOS in 2.2.4. Tested on Pre3 with single contact export and all contacts CelleBrite export. So if anyone is into testing it together with this patch:
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