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    I don't know about you, but for me the most natural way to end a call would be to swipe away the card - but if you do that the call stays connected and the card is gone
    The only way to hand up then is to reopen the phone app and click the button, I would love to have the app hang up when the card gets closed - is there any chance for that to be patchable?
    It would certainly make my day!
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    no I think swiping away works. Try again and let me know.
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    Yeah, swiping the card off the screen ends the call. For sure.
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    Oh, it most certainly does. Been doing it since day one, bro.
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    Send me $5 and I'll install the function remotely on your phone.....
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    Ya, sorry dude, but swiping the card ends the call...always has.

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