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    This is basically cwgtex's "Device Menu Ultramix" patch with the date removed and the "Roam Only" toggle added.

    add: brightness control, data, gps, flashlight, roam only.
    remove: date, battery, airplane mode.

    Thanks to cwgtex and Jason Robitaille for most of the original code.

    I created this patch because the Roam Only device menu toggle patch conflicted with most other device menu patches, and because I use sconix's Today Menu patch, so the date is not necessary in the device menu.
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    It's very close to the "device menu megamix" patch.
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    i hope it could has 2G/3G toggle or being able to be installed alonge with the 3G patch that exsist in preware
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    Yes it is, but I prefer two-tap access to the phone toggles I use (data/roam only) instead of an expanding phone menu. I usually post things I make for personal use just in case someone else wants the specific functionality I like. :-)

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