View Poll Results: Do you use Uberkernal/Govnah combo and/or Faster Card Animations?

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  • I overclock and use the faster card animations patch!

    9 56.25%
  • I just overclock.

    7 43.75%
  • I just use the faster card animations patch.

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  • I don't use any of it. My Pre is healthy without performance enhancements thank you!

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    Has anyone noticed a difference in performance from using the faster card animations patch with the uber-kernal/govnah combo?

    I was using both together for a long time, but some things were starting to bother me. I could still only open one (if that) app alongside a 3d game, like NFSU, and when I open my favourite twitter client "TweetMe" it hangs for a second in loading the card, and hangs for a second again when loading my news feed, and AGAIN when rendering the feed, and the "refresh tweets" button.

    After uninstalling the faster card animations patch, I no longer had any of these issues. TweetMe got snappy, 3d gaming got more multitasky, and I got more happy.

    I'll come back to this thread soon with more analysis of the changes I've noticed in performance and other fields, because I used to have issues with Google Maps and the card loading. We'll see how that goes now.
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    That's generally what happens when you alter the system files. It can cause other areas to glitch. As always, YMMV
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    YMMV? abbreviation for?
    Nevermind, I googled it.
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    I'm using both Overclock and FCA but not the hyper card animations just the faster one.

    Samsung Fascinate Rooted

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