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    Hello Everyone,

    Everytime I try to install any patch from the Mojo patch folder I get an error in the Postinst section of the IPKG Log stating that it is "Unable to run command:".

    I'm not sure if there is something that needs to be installed prior to attempting to install these patches or if there are settings that need to be configured or what. I currently have Preware v.1.1.0 installed at the moment with a number of patches and apps.

    The specific ones I'm trying to install are The Virtual Keyboard, Faster Card Animations, and Smiley Faces in Symbol Box Reversed. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you
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    Can anybody help a noob out? :-p
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    Quote Originally Posted by somec1 View Post
    Can anybody help a noob out? :-p

    Please post the error messages, your webos-patches.log, & the .webosinternals.patches.packages file.

    Both of the files can be found on your media drive as soon as you connect the phone to a computer via USB.

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    thank you for responding! i uploaded the two log files to rapidshare. the link is below. Thanks again

    RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting
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    I'm looking things over...

    I'll make a separate post for each patch your having trouble with, so you'll be able to reply to each individual should the resolution not work.

    EDIT: After looking at each installation attempt in the log file, what phone & WebOS version do you have?

    This could be the crux of the problem because The Virtual Keyboard & Smiley Faces in Symbol Box Reversed patches are both throwing errors about the files which need to be patched not existing.

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    Palm Pre Plus for Verizon

    Version: Palm webOS 1.4.1
    Model: P101EWW
    Hardware Version: A
    Configuration: Verizon 1.3

    Do you think any existing patches I have installed would throw off the location of the needed directories that the Virtual Keyboard & Smiley Face patches require? Again, Thank you

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