After moving photos around using either USB Mode or Internalz, I have noticed that sometimes the photos app won't update properly. For example, I download a picture from the internet, and it goes into Media/Internal. In Photos app, it shows up under "Miscellaneous". I move it into a different folder, but in Photos it still shows up as a thumbnail. I open up the "Miscellaneous" folder in Photos and it shows up as a gray X. It also doesn't show up in Photos in the folder it was moved to.

Sometimes it will stay like this for days, sometimes things in Photos get moved right away. I've tried Luna Restarts, going in and out of USB Mode, Device Restarts, and pulling the battery for over 5 minutes. Nothing I have tried has been able to get the darn Photos app to update.

Is it possible to create a patch that would add an option to the Photos menu to rescan the phone for photos?