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    Images in the Pre's "Photos" app shows images in reduced quality. As a direct result, when you "Set to Wallpaper" in the Photos app, the reduced-quality image is transferred as the set wallpaper.

    However, there is no such drop in quality when using the "Screen & Lock" app to view images or setting wallpaper.

    I noticed this while doing some testing as described in this post.

    My Request:

    I'd like to request that someone make a patch so that the "Photos" app displays the full-quality image.

    I believe that once it displays the image properly, the "set as wallpaper" command will work at full quality as well. I suspect the Pre is taking a screenshot directly from the program and using that to set the wallpaper. If the program itself is displaying a low-quality image, the wallpaper will also be of low-quality. This is just what I've gathered, I could be wrong here.

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    I noticed that before, but why not just set the wallpaper from the "Screen and Lock" app and not have to worry about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjkjr View Post
    I noticed that before, but why not just set the wallpaper from the "Screen and Lock" app and not have to worry about it?
    Why not just 'make due' with what Palm gives me? I don't know -- why have patches at all, then?

    There are two apps that you can view and set wallpapers from, one of which is of reduced quality. As an artist, a perfectionist, and a Pre owner that loves modding, this is an enormous flaw!

    I want the best image quality at all times, especially for my art on others' devices, from whatever app happens to be chosen to open and display images and set wallpaper.

    Add to that the fact that one has to enter an extra screen in order to reach the image folders list in the "Screen & Lock" app, and this is a patch that I think deserves to be made.
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    I've always wondered why my pictures looked really low red when I set them as my background and now I know why! Would like this patch as well.
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    Funny I never noticed that because I always have a plain black walpaper. That keeps things less cluttered when peaking through the card view and through the opaque launcher pages.

    Less confusing, especially when I'm showing it to someone. An old trick from my days demonstrating software. That's why Apple uses such muted wall paper patterns.

    Instead, Palm puts those bright flowers in as the default, so anyone that sees the phone in an add or on the box, has no idea what all that color is. Because they don't understand that a 3-D picture doesn't translate well to a 2D box label.
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    I never noticed it until I just tested it out. What in the world is wrong with Palm? I would love this patch too if possible.
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    Holy crap I never noticed that.... Pathetic....

    If I helped you or you have downloaded one of my files,
    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Actually...if you leave the low quality image for about 20 seconds, it becames a full quality image, but its annoying to have to wait that long
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    well, regardless of the patch, thanks for the headsup on the workaround!!!

    i notice that switcheroo also does them high quality.

    from now on when i want to set wallpaper i'll use the screen and lock app!

    thanks again

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