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    search got me no where with this...since i never use the center button on my sprint pre gesture area wondering if it could be put to good use and while the slider is closed (phone on of course) can we just press that button to turn screen on is pressing the power button on top the only way? pressing the center button while slider is open works for this why not while slider is closed? sorry if this has been covered before..thanks

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    It has been covered before in many threads but currently there is no access to the center button via the sdk. Also, seeing how the center button was removed in the other Pre carriers, it probably will not be included anytime soon. Hope this helps.
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    thanks for helpin a newb.. I figured someone has asked before but couldn't seem to find it thanks
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    I would imagine that it would be an issue when in your pocket. That button protrudes, and thus would be getting "pressed" a lot while in your pocket. Battery life is bad enough, as is.

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