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    searched for this and didn't see a thread specifically addressing this...i've installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled this patch twice. i cannot get it to work, and the creator of the patch said to post my situation here. has anyone been able to get this patch to even show up? i don't see anything on my phone that looks like the screen caps on the patch page.
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    Let me help you with this....

    I would suggest that you change the title of your post so it doesn't look like a duplicate...

    Perhaps something like "need help with the birthday patch"

    However, I can't imagine that anyone would suggest that you start a new thread rather than post in the existing one and/or PM the developer...

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    HEY, thanks for pointing me to that post, dont know why i couldnt find it myself :/

    it still doesnt work for me, so i'll move my questions over there, thanks again!

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