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    Never have any intention on paying $10/month for At&t Navigator so a patch to remove the icon would be awesome
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    Mobile HotSpot At&t
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    Sorry, I missed this thread. Here's the patch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyssul View Post
    Sorry, I missed this thread. Here's the patch.
    Wow I cant believe I've managed to somehow miss this patch for so long now I just barely noticed it while browsing through PreWare!

    Thank you so much for all the work contribued. As soon as I get my next check, I'm donating to WebOS Internals~~~!!!
    Mobile HotSpot At&t
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    Hi, Just installed 1.4.5 is it possible for this patch to be updated for support for 1.4.5?

    It looks like the patch no longer works as the ugly icon is back on my launcher. Thanks!
    Mobile HotSpot At&t
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    Yes, please update.
    I wish I still had my Pre Plus. I miss it.
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    Or you could use the Advanced Configuration for App Launcher patch to hide any app you want.

    If interested, check out the wiki page for full details (overview, installation, troubleshooting, etc...)

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