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    Is there a way to trick websites from automatically loading the mobile version of the website when you go to it from your Pre's browser? I want the full version of the sites I visit unless I type the mobile version into the address bar! Especially Facebook. The desktop version will load when you type it in, but as soon as you go and hit "Home" on the page, it loads the mobile version. Is a patch to stop this possible?
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    Same here. I wa trying to go to and a forced to the mobile site. I tried removing the m, and going thru google, but no luck.
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    There is a tweak in WOSQI that makes it look like an iphone.

    You can also try puting "m" or "mobile" in front of a URL, such as "" - Forums
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    You can also point your browser to and enter the URL from there. It does a bit of restructuring on the fly to make a site more user friendly.

    BTW, you know you can double-tap on an are of a normal website and it will zoom to fit, right?

    I try to do most of my browsing in landscape, and that really helps my bad eyes on the tiny Pre screen... Also, I use a patch that keeps the orientation from changing when the slider is open to force things to remain in landscape, even if I rotate to type something in...

    The thing that amazes me is that doesn't have an optimized site that would recognize a webOS browser and provide a customized experience...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    There is a tweak in WOSQI that makes it look like an iphone.

    You can also try puting "m" or "mobile" in front of a URL, such as "" - Forums
    He's trying to avoid the mobile version of a site, not to get to the mobile version.
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    Oh, sorry. Well, turn off the iphone tweak, and many sites will default to the full site because their developers are too lazy to automate it... or don't want to be presumptive. doesn't redirect, for example.

    I will look around, but I'm pretty sure there isn't a way to fool it unless you are technical enough to go into the guts of the browser and change the string that identifies you as a phone.

    I know that Android users have recently figured out how to do that so they can get to certain video sites that don't allow mobile phone access (movie sites,, etc.)

    You can search around for how to do that if you are that sort of user. Personally, I'd just break something...

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