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    I tried searching Apps, Patches, and the Pre forum and didn't see anything on this. My apologies if this has been made already.

    It'd be nice if you could jump to a month or specific date when looking at a SMS chat with someone, rather than having to scroll up for eternity. Even an option to jump to the very beginning.

    Likwise, it'd be nice if you could do a string search to find, or jump, to a
    text(s) within the chatlog.

    Does this exist already?

    Thanks everyone. I just installed patches and homebrew apps for the first time yesterday and I love this phone!
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    This is an excellent idea and something I have wanted for sometime. There are times where I need to pull up an old text and if it's months in the past it can be excruciatingly painful to swipe all the way back. Although a word search would be great, I'd settle to just jump to a particular date.
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    +1 especially since there isn't an sms back up out
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    +1 this has been requested but not patch as far as i know
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    +1 that's a GREAT idea!
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    + 1000
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    Also if one could enter/open directly to the particular contacts conversation from just Type for e.g typing in just type as sms <space> contact name (it can be contacts first name or last name )
    sort of google chrome browser ability to search in any website right from the address bar itself
    for e.g. u just need to type google in address bar ,it'll auto-complete then hit Tab and then type whatever u want to search in that particular site whether it is or or

    if we can implement that in any form in Just Type ,i believe it'll be killer feature
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