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    i feel like then you would have to have a pre-constructed list of apps that require data... unless maybe there was a way to code it so that if an app requested data it would automatically be able to turn on?
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    The best way would be with pre-constructed list of apps that require data. Or screenstate toggling data on/off IF no wi-fi hotspot found.
    BTW I don`think screenstate toggling data on/off would drain battery more than just staying data on. Same thing is with wi-fi sleep settings "turn wi-fi off". It uses much less power than staying always on.
    And for GSM pre: there is BIG difference in using battery power between 2g and 3g when in idle. But even 2g (Edge) staying always on consumes too much power. So I always switch data off when I don`t need it and because of that I would like a patch which can do this automatically.
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    Quote Originally Posted by svigi View Post
    If toggling data on/off would be triggered by opening some app which needs data connection the battery drain would be minimal.
    People that use push e-mail need data on all the time, so count them out.
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    People that use push e-mail would not install the patch I am asking for. ;-)
    BTW for push e-mail I use sms mail gateway (I suppose every mobile operator suports it). For every mail I receive sms with first 160 letters. If something is important I open mail app and download rest of message. This is the best for battery life and I don't miss any e-mail. I do this for years since my treo 600. Good thing was that we had treo tools, app for sms triggers. I had trigger that opened snappermail and downloaded e-mails when I received sms from sms-mail gateway number. That was automatic on every treo I had (600, 650, 680) and now this is semiautomatic on my pre. :-)
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    I really don't understand why there isn't any patch like this when there are huge demands.
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    Quote Originally Posted by srath16 View Post
    never looked at it that way. I've personally never had significant drain casually toggling data on and off when my phone is in use, though I can't interpret if your post is just about GSM pre's in the second part, in which case disregard my statement.
    I was talking about GSM - i've never had or used a cdma so i have no experience with them.
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