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    Hello, i've some troubles upgrading Preware & Luna Manager.
    Currently i'm running Preware 1.0.0 on my Germany O2 Pre but when i try to upgrade the two apps Preware tell me it depends from Packet Manager Service and it has to upgrade it as well... if i accept Preware starts upgrading Packet manager service and hangs before starting the download. No error message... it just wait and does nothing more happens.

    As far as i understood PMS is now integrated in Preware, if i check with WebOsQuickInstall Tool no PacketManagerService is listed, i also checked from Pre shell (with ipkg list) but no PacketManagerService is present... so... how can i tell to Preware that it not depends anymore from PMS in order to be able to upgrade it?

    Thank you in advance
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    I don't know ,but ever since I upgraded to 1.0 my Preware has been acting a little funny, too.
    Probably jealous people over at Sprint are trying to keep Preware away from us.
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    I tried removing Luna Manager and Preware and installing it back with WebOsQuickInstall Tool...
    Right now everything works fine, let's see next time Preware will try to upgrade if it will complain again about Packet Manager Service...

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    Make sure you swipe to delete Package Manager Service from your Saved Packages List if it is there.
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