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    Although I wish there was a more elegant way to hide cards without having to use an App, ClearCard does a pretty good job. I like the feature that it has where it can automatically be active when the phone is unlocked, however it also automatically switches to ClearCard if during a call you move the phone away from your face. Is there any way that a patch could be made that would differentiate between the screen being manually turned on and off or the automatic timeout and when it's done via proximity sensor, and don't have ClearCard activate during a call?

    I think this should be possible using the same (but opposite) technique as the Autospeakerphone via Proximity Sensor Patch. In that patch, the phone will automatically switch between speakerphone and front speaker depending if the phone is up to your ear, but it isn't affected by manually turning the screen on and off or the automatic screen timeout.

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    Have you tried contacting the dev for the app?...If it can be done, it would need to be a change in the parameters used in the code of the app.

    It would have to know when the prox sensor was enabled which may not actually be possible in this case.

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    I have contacted the dev, and it's something that is hopefully going to be fixed soon but if they can't figure it out I thought someone here may be able to

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