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    I need a patch that sends all web traffic through OpenDNS web servers & alt In addition, I need an app that runs in the background to provide IP info to OpenDNS like their OpenDNS Updater app does on PCs and MACs. Could someone at WebOS internals or elsewhere in the Homebrew community step up and do this? I'm willing to donate to the cause.
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    You need to offer/donate money for the Dev's around here to make anything for you. That is why I reverted to learning the development tools "freely available" and making stuff myself.
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    Anyone know if it's easier or harder to develop apps for WebOS vs iPhone vs Android?

    I was just curious why we still have so few apps in comparison.
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    I have a bash script that will do what you need, you will need to install optware's wget for it to work.

    I will post it soon, I don't currently run it. It is backed up at home
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    n3---what happened with this? Can you share it with us?
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    There's an Optware package called ez-ipupdate ... is that what you're looking for?
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    It looks like that might be a step in the right direction. I still need a way to get the phone to use my preferred DNS regardless of whether I'm using wifi or EVDO or 1X and I need a way to present that IP info back to OpenDNS in a way that they can understand.
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    It looks like OpenDNS uses the DNS Update API from DynDNS, so all clients which support that API fully and work over SSL will work with OpenDNS accounts. I'm thinking this ez-ipupdate thing will work for that. Now I just need to figure out how to handle the part where I send all of my internet traffic to web servers & alt
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    I also need to figure out how to install and configure the ez-ipupdate. I downloaded it from what?
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    I set it up quite a while back, so I don't recall the details, but I'm pretty sure I used the tutorial (or an earlier version) from WebOS Internals:

    Tutorials Linux DDNS Update Client ez-ipupdate - WebOS Internals
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    a thread was started in order to direct the GPS to look through specific IP, and with other settings. You use a program (forgot name) to go into the hardware config of the phone to change the GPS settings. In browsing around in there, I saw places to change IP parameters. Maybe that would be a way to config something similar to OPendns?

    That thread is
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    1. First, you will need to sign up with a dynamic DNS service that the ez-ipupdate supports but I highly recommend as it’s completely free and easy to use.

    2. Second, setup a free dynamic DNS such as “” or using any of the free domains they provide. WRITE THIS DOMAIN DOWN, WE WILL NEED IT FOR LATER.

    3. Type the following command and press Enter in your castle prompt to remount the filesystem as writable so you can update it:

    mount -o remount,rw /
    4.Type the following lines to install ez-ipupdate:

    /opt/bin/ipkg-opt install ez-ipupdate
    5. Now we will need to make a new configuration file so type the following line and enter on your castle prompt:

    sudo vi /opt/etc/ipupdate.conf

    6. Type “i” and copy and paste the following: (Remember most SSH, paste is Shift+Ins not Ctrl+v)
    (Change myusername and mypassword to your username and password and change to your domain name you chose.)


    7. Then type “:wq” and press Enter.

    8. Next type the following into you command line:

    mkdir -p /opt/var/run
    /opt/bin/ez-ipupdate -c /opt/etc/ipupdate.conf

    9. The last line will test to make sure your configuration is working. Try pinging your free dynamic DNS domain. (such as
    If you get the correct IP address for your Palm Pre (matching with the same one from, then you are ready to set up this dynamic DNS so it updates whenever your phone changes IP addresses.

    10. Next, we will create a new file under /etc/ppp/ip-up.d, any files listed under there will get executed automatically when the phone changes IP addresses. Type the following to edit a new file called 09update-ddns:

    sudo vi /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/09update-ddns
    11. Then copy and paste the following:

    /opt/bin/ez-ipupdate -c /opt/etc/ipupdate.conf -q > /dev/null 2>&1 || /bin/true

    12. Then type “:wq” and press Enter.

    13. Now type the following line to set the file executable:

    chmod 755 /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/09update-ddns

    14. Remount the filesystem as readonly:

    mount -o remount,ro /
    It was from the ssh on Pre thread from way back (really just last year but seems like a long time ago).

    To OP simply follow the instructions there or install it with Preware and use the instructions to configure it. The just use OPENDNS to forward to your dyndns domain. Or check elsewhere if ez-ipupdate supports opendns its a linux program and works with other distros so there will be more info elsewhere.

    Edit: I guess it does not support opendns. You will just have to use dyndns and forward the domain.

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