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    Ok I just figured something out if you have an Alarm going off and you hit the volume up or down it silences it and the alarm stays open not snoozed or dismissed. So at this point there are a few options for a patch to fix it either disable the volume key silencing the Alarm, or have the Alarm snooze after ten minutes or some other appropriate amount of time. Please someone make a patch for the Alarm to Auto-Snooze or disable volume key silencing of Alarms. Or Both.
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    Something similar someone else posted in another thread.
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    Ok I think it has been long enough I'm going to bump this so it doesn't get lost in the void.
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    Ok I think it has been long enough I'm going to bump this so it doesn't get lost in the void.
    Sorry to do it but once again... BUMP
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    Okay I don't think this should be too difficult for someone who knows what they are doing of course I would have no clue how to do it.
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    So you mean, auto snooze at a particular preset time duration? I can set it to lets say five minutes and it would automatically snooze the alarm until the next five minutes then do it again? How long would the ringer sound before the alarm automatically snoozes itself?
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    Well there could be a few different ways for it, but the main thing is if the alarm gets silenced by the volume keys and is not snoozed or dismissed it will not go off again, and any other alarms wont go off either so the only reason for an auto snooze would be in the case of a silenced alarm. If someone could change the volume keys to not silence the alarm that would solve the problem altogether. Or have the volume keys snooze the alarm instead of silencing it. If the alarm automatically snoozed after 5 minutes that would work and was my initial thought for a solution, but it could potentially cause problems so one of the other options may be a wiser solution.

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