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    Pretty straightforward. Similar to the "Move Button in Emails" by Jason Robitaille, but I wanted a popup menu instead of a new scene pushed (I know, picky).

    Adds a new button in the email view. When tapped, it shows a folder list to move the email to. If you select a folder, the move request is sent and you are returned to the list of emails.

    The folder button starts out disabled until the folder list is retrieved from the server.

    I'll submit it through the portal if anybody else finds it useful.
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    Not seeing the button in email view
    If I do a Gesture+M my folders will show up.

    EDIT: removed, reinstalled, now it's there. HICCUP!!
    Great patch.
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    great job. I had to remove Jason's folder patch and it installed perfectly.
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    Bump for this patch but to also have the ability to move to folders without opening the message. This would be extremely usefull for spam or messages you dont even want to read instead of deleting it..

    *Also, quickinstall wont let me install this patch
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    please submit this to preware!
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    great patch! It would be perfect if one could filter/search the folders by entering letters with keyboard instead of having to scroll down the entire list...
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    Perfect. Love to see this go to Preware.

    Jason's version was my #1 most important patch. This just took it's place!

    Also, this is the first time I used internalz to install a patch that i emailed to my phone via the link. That works awesome.
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    It's in preware now
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    Great patch...I like the popup as it seems a little more "Palm" like. Thanks drnull.

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