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    I never really use the quicklaunch wave in an app to open the launcher, I just swipe up twice for card view then launcher. Aso, I don't really use the button to go to card view much. I'd use the button if swipe up didn't do the same thing while in an app. So, if the button were the same (cant change that anyway) but swipe up was the launcher, more of the gesture area would be functional, and getting to the launcher would be faster.

    for a plus pre/any pixi (no button) version of this patch, I was first thinking that maybe a two or three second meta tap could bring up the launcher instead of a swipe.
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    I have to admit, I like it just the way it is.....but I do get what you're saying.
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    I don't mind it the way it is. Given the chance, I think this patch idea could ketch on tho for being a smidget faster, plus another way to play around with your phone
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    +1 for sure!
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    +1 double swipe is really annoying. Would love to swipe up and have my launcher since the apps I keep in the wave area are phone calender mess weather. Having access to my other apps/wev links would be smooth!!
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    I'll donate $15 to the person who gets this patch into the preware feed. Must be compatible with all existing patches. easy money.
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    You can already do this. Swipe up from the gesture area and hold for the quicklaunch wave. As you do that slide to the right for the arrow, which is the launcher icon. After a few tries you'll get quite good at it.
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    thanks. But the request is for a patch to bypass the quicklaunch bar, just an up swipe to open the launcher
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    I'd be interested in this...even though it's a really lazy approach, it just makes accessing your apps that much faster.
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    oh, I've learned that tapping the very center of the gesture area of a pre plus stil fubctions the same as tapping the button. If that's the case, than the original idea would work for the pre plus and all pixi models also

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