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    I have the following patches by sconix installed:
    1. System Menu Initial Framework
    2. System Menu Mode Menu
    3. System menu Today Menu

    But now I see the following patches available from Janne Julkunen:
    1. Add Support for System Menu
    2. Mode Menu for Top Bar
    3. Today Menu for Top Bar

    These look like the same set of features. Are sconix and Janne Julkunen the same person? If they're different people, why what looks like exact same patches? What's different?

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    Yes, Sconix and Janne Julkunen are the same person. The new patches that show Janne as the developer are updates that are in beta testing to the patches that have Sconix as the developer. He said that once he fixes any bugs found by the beta testers &/or he finishes making all the changes he's including in the updates he will submit the updated patch to Preware. Since you are seeing the patches with Janne as developer, I assume you have added his custom feed to Preware. He said if you install the beta versions of the patches, that once he submits the updates to Preware that you should uninstall the beta version from his custom feed and install the updated version from the Webos Internals feed.

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