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    Is this even possible?

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    Explain in a more detailed fashion please.
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    I like the idea - the patch would have to create a calendar event every time a call took place (with the start/end-time of the call) and the calls details - would be even better if it created the entries in a separate calendar so we could filter it easily!
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    Pulp explained it better. I've seen the apps allow you to turn on missed, placed, and received calls to the Calendar. Also seen them give you the option to go to the call log and create an event from the call log with the number in the subject line.
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    very good idea! and...why not - if some is working on this - also make it possible to create a callender event / and or a "to do" from an Email and sms ? ;-)
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    This would be similiar to Natara's Day notez and Comet programs. Natara Software - Productivity Applications for the Palm Computing Platform and the Pocket PC OS

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