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    I have multiple mail accounts set up on my Pre (A, B, C), with one defined as the standard account (A). When creating a new mail in the "All Inboxes" view, the mail application uses this standard account (A) to send the mail.

    When replying to a mail that was sent to another account (e.g. B), the mail application uses this one (B) for the reply mail. I would really appreciate to have a functionality to make it always use the set standard account (A), even when replying.

    i.e. when replying to a mail sent to account B, the Pre should use account A for the reply mail.

    Can this be implemented via a patch?
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    change each email account to use A's smtp address/credentials.

    so whenever you reply from any accounts, it will be using A's information.

    OR even easier, edit each account you want changed, and enter a correct 'reply to address' (aka address A)
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    Thanks for the quick reply... BUT: account A is an pop3/smtp account, account B is EAS - with EAS it is not possible to change sendmail-credentials only, nor is it possible to enter a reply-to address (at least not the one already used in an other account)
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    any chance for a patch for this?

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