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    I would love to have the notification icons in the topbar. There is plenty of space near the time. I would also like to tap on the notification up there and have all of the notifications show up on top and allow me to swipe them from the top.
    I just hate how the notifications shrink the screen. It is small enough already. I like to keep the alarm clock notification on all the time, but hate to make the screen smaller.

    The only problem i see with this, is that it would be hard to click right in the notification area and not on the device menu, but i think the topbar could be easily split into three parts.

    Let me know what you guys think.
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    seemed like a good idea to me...
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    first off, there are many types of notifications, which would really clutter up the top bar. aside from that, don't forget that the application's name in the top-left corner isn't always going to be short. so, adding notifications here would be a mess.

    secondly, there is a reason why the notification "area" is in a physically distinct place. this is a touch-screen device, and having a bunch of tiny touch-areas that all do different things all ****-up against one another just isn't going to work and will create a terrible user experience.

    thirdly, the interaction to minimize the notifications back into a little icon is in the gesture area, so it is more natural to have it right next to the gesture area at the bottom of the screen.

    fourthly, the whole point of a notification is that you want it to be noticable/visible. thus, having it at the bottom where there is usually nothing there affords that. jamming it in the top bar would defeat the purpose.

    i could go on and on, but you get the idea. my apologies in advance if this sounds like i'm trying to squash your desires of how you want the notification to function... i'm just trying to explain to you the psychology of why things are done in a certain way. user experience is a huge part of why webOS is great (and also a huge part of why some of the thing it does isn't very good). this is what i do for a living, and part of my job is giving clients that top-level view of why everything is the way they are, and why adding/modifying minute details sometimes doesn't just affect that minute detail like you think it does.

    people have different and somewhat unique workflows, but all interactions co-exist with one another in a user experience eco-system, and changing/modifying one is going to affect one or many other interactions. any sort of mods have to be done with caution... and so, just because it's possible to implement, it does not mean that it should be.

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