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    So, I just thought of this patch...and it has a couple parts.

    I'd like to be able to write it myself, but I have NO idea where to I'll pass the idea on and see what everyone else thinks of it:

    An auto shut off/on of the data feature...either when the screen is locked or when no cards (apps) are open, etc. I know that there is already a toggle in the top bar menu, but it would be nice to be able to enable a toggle to automatically turn the phone data off when the screen is locked. This will be a big battery saver in my opinion.
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    Look for an App called "Quick System Tasks". It was a homebrew, but it might be in the App Catalog now. Turn on or off any of the radios, plus force brightness, force "no sleep" and a few other toggles. All in one app for FREE.
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