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    I have 'gesture tap for info & delete' patch by Fritos1406. Awesome. With my 'named pages in launcher' patch it allows me to gesture-click an app and move it to any of my launcher pages without the need to Drag the icon 5 pages.

    My request is.. Is there a way maybe in that menu (of the gesture-click & app icon) is it possible to put a place to add to the Universal Search of that app icon?

    so if I gesture-click Preware, a box below delete and allows me to add words (like 'QW') in which Preware will showup. Sort of like Keywords/Hotkeys all the same.....??? Possible?
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    It would be nice. Like say if one were to type in music and you would find pandora, slacker and youtube if you set the keywords. I have to guess it would be possible (tho I am unsure if by patch). Because when you type in Pre it brings up all the "system" page stuff like device info. wifi, bluetooth and so on.
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    Shameless, Sad, Bump.

    With the ever growing app catalogue and the names being chosen sometimes have no relation to what the app does....

    this seems like a better idea... Possible?

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