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    I cannot stand the way the Pre goes on and off from my hand to my ear, sometimes it doesn't work well and sometimes i'm not always standing while on a phone, i could be lying down, Hanging upside down. haha.

    So i would like the phone to be on at all times while on a call, but the touchscreen disabled unless I turn it off by doing something, Open idea's on that one, but it would have to be fast, incase i needed to do something quick maybe a swipe across like the (iphone) or something,

    Is this doable? cause i'm going insane hanging up on people and everytime i put it down to look at it i have to wait for it to turn back on to see whats going on,.


    Edit I currently use the patch that keeps the number pad on at all times, if that makes a difference
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    I like it the way it is, don't see a problem myself.
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    Wait how would you end the call?
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    hummm, To end a call the default way would now be 1 more step, but, you could also add another patch/ End call by Off button. End Call by closing slider, i'm sure there are a few different ways that could be incorperated into this patch or atleast saying it's best installed with theses type of Patches.

    Good question.

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