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    I have an extended battery for my Pre, and it seems to me that having the backlight on my keyboard turned off when my battery reaches 20% is ridiculous and annoying when I have 3 - 4 hours left before my battery really runs out. In my mind, things like this should be user selectable. I should be able to select the exact percentage at which my phone alerts me to a low battery condition, and at what point the keyboard backlight is turned off. There is a patch available right now from mamouton that disbles the 20% warning, so this is similar to that. I would be happy to have it as a patch, but would prefer it to be a menu option in the Sceen and Lock app.
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    There's a lot of seemingly obvious stuff that shoud be user-configurable in WebOS (it's kind of like they only tested it with an emulator instead of acutally using a device). It's pretty annoying.

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