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    I saw in Preware this morning there was an update for LunaMgr. When I went to download, it told me I also needed to update the Package Manager Service. No sweat, right?

    It starts to download the Package Manager Service, but just seems to go on and on for ever with the spinning circle.

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    Preware 1.0? If so, I think Package Manager is now written into the code itself. No separate "install".
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    Mike, you are not alone.
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    same here
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    Uninstall Luna Manager, Update Feeds, Reinstall Luna Manager.

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    Yeah, I know it doesn't need the Package Manager anymore...which is why I seemed odd. Must be something wrong--glad it is not just me. I'll just wait it out. Thanks!
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    That did the trick--thanks.
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    I also seem to be getting random resets after I do anything in Preware lately....any ideas?
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    I now feel like a dud. Had the same problem, read the change log, says made it independent of PMS, then tells me that it needs to also install a dependent file (the PMS)....oops!

    Thanks for the solution!

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    yay for this thread.
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    Uninstalling and reinstalling fixed the problem! Thanks!
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    same problem with preware 1.0; i uninstall and install via webos quickinstall
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    Thanks Rod.

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