Hi everybody.
As tomi666 recommended me http://forums.precentral.net/gsm-pre...-dual-sim.html I create a thread to request a patch to switch between 2 different PIN in a special Dual SIM. I think that this special SIM, which is not a card with two cutted off SIMs, is only commercialized by Movistar and subsidiaries in Europe.
In one simple SIM I have two telephone numbers with two different PIN numbers. To switch between lines I need to reset (2 or 3 minutes) or shutdown my Pre.
Flight mode doesn't work. And, you can see in the link, "SIM just can't be unlocked, because it simply needs the different PIN codes to differentiate between the "lines"" as tomi666 says.
It is possible to release a patch that shutdown the network connections and restart it like it do in a reset?
Thank you.