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    Quote Originally Posted by jjvcuyler View Post
    I'm working the next version of this patch, which will add this functionality and allow you to make changes in the settings of the phone app. There will be an additional menu that will allow you to reject none/not in contacts/blocked/all, and choose the method.

    I'm also exploring the phone app to see if there's a way to stop the phone card from popping up when using auto-hangup.
    I di not find the option in the phone app to on/off the none/not in contacts/blocked/all
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    When can we expect the next update?
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    Now all we need is a 'Per-Contact SMS Rejection'!! Is that possible??
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    It would be much better not to ring the caller ring tone and go straight to voicemail. Because when the unwanted person calls, my phone is silent, but the unwanted person knows that you do not want to answer because it sounds 4 times before going to voicemail.
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    I couldn't get this useful patch installed. My pre3 has webos 2.2.3. Is there any updated version of this that will work ? Please let me know.
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    Id like to know too
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    I installed it using webosqi on my pre3-224 from the webos2.0.0 patch lists but I cannot find it anywhere... what to do?
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