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    There is no sms notification when the chat window is open. Is there a fix for that?
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    i posted this in the original SMS tone per contact patch thread but im wondering if i could get more response here

    I decided that i want to know who texted me without looking at my phone
    so i used this website AT&T Labs Natural VoicesŪ Text-to-Speech Demo
    to make ringtones for the people that text me most
    this way it just says their name so if i dont feel like looking at the text right away atleast i know who it is from
    also this is great for driving cause then i know if it is an urgent text that i have to respond to
    the only problem with this is that i had to make one for each person and set it for them

    Anyone know if there is some buddy application that automatically make a ringtone and match it to the contact?
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