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    ...been using a Pre for 6months now, along with PreWare, and am constantly browsing patches, homebrew, etc.

    I have yet to find a patch (or app) that can help me decrease the number of swipes/presses to get from:

    A) Phone on / WiFi off


    B) WiFi on / Phone off

    and vice versa

    My residence is just out of cell signal range, and would like toggle both when I get home or leave home. As most would know, this take about 5 swipes/presses. I have to engage/disengage airplane mode then toggle WiFi. I tried a home brew app (Quick System Tasks) that helped get closer, but still had to toggle each attribute independently.

    So, anyone know of any solutions? Did I miss a patch or app that's been released?
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    it's not quite what you're looking for, but I use Jason Robitaille's patch, Device Menu Megamix. Once I open the menu, I change the phone then the wifi. For whatever reason, using the phone options doesn't cause the menu to close, so the wifi options are still readily available.

    In my home, Sprint coverage is spotty but Verizon is consistent. So, when I'm expecting an important call, I will toggle phone to roam only and turn wifi on (if It wasn't on already)

    it would be nice to have a patch/app in which you can set-up communication "profiles".
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    Sorry for the lingo problem. When I say 'phone off', i mean the whole cell antenna function off. This is the equivalent of pressing 'Airplane Mode On' (which shut off WiFi and Cell Phone reception, aka antenna). So I'm NOT looking for something that turns the data network off but keeps roam on, I'm looking for something that is like 'Airplane Mode' ON, but doesn't turn WiFi off.

    Anyone who if this exists?
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    Device Menu Megamix will take care of that as well.
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    or ummm better idea- MODE SWITCHER anyone? - you could even set this on a trigger too so when you get home it automatically happens. NO swipes!
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    "quick system tasks" app
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    thanks for the feedback so far. I've tried 'quick system tasks' (as posted originally). I just tried Device Menu Megamix today. I had missed that one (due to the fact that I feel silly not realizing 'Phone Radio' was the phone antenna function, silly me). That gets me/us closer to ideal situation, where I can toggle 2 items with one pulldown of the top menu (vs going into the pulldown menu twice).

    However, I know I'm in a niche here, of a need/want, it would just be nice to swipe once, and with one button press, swap activity of WiFi and Phone Radio.

    ROSSM, are you suggesting MODE SWITCHER is an app/patch to be created, or suggesting that this already exists?
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    ...reason I ask, is that it looks like Mode Switcher is in these forums, yet it doesn't show up under a 'list of everything' in PreWare, exception for a reference for a patch called, 'Launch Mode Switcher on Luna Boot' (which I'm assuming is a coupling to the actual Mode Switcher?)
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    Mode switcher is very real and very awesome!

    To get your hands on the beta release add a new feed to the Preware by selecting manage feeds from app menu and add new feed with following info: Name: (what ever you want to call this feed), URL: '' (without the ''), Compressed: Yes. The "stable" release should happen during this month (May) and will be available through WebOS Internals feed.
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