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    A Fahrenheit version of my Temperature for Device Menu Megamix patch

    This patch will add the device temperature value in the same row as the "Phone" submenu toggle.

    And like my recent device menu temperature patch updates, if you have UberKernel and the current version of SysToolsMgr install, this will display the true CPU temperature. Otherwise, it'll fall back and display the relatively accurate battery temperature.


    EDIT: Could a mod please rename the thread to "[patch] Fahrenheit Temperature for Device Menu Megamix" accidentally mistyped it.
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    Thanks Jason! I think there's a country that needs to join the rest of the world with Metric units...
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    I could have sworn that the farenheit was the way to go, then I realized that I had been used to Govnah in metric. Damn, now I have to uninstall this.

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