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    Is there a patch to control the brightness for the keyboard? I have the "Reduce Minimum Brightness" patch and always have it at the lowest setting. Problem is when I use it at night or in a dark room I can't see the keyboard. Is there a way or patch so that I can set it up to have the display at a low brightness but still have the backlit keyboard?

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    yes, it's named "Brightness unlinked" available via pre ware and in the apps portion of this forum
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    There is the application by zinge called "Brightness Unlinked", which lets you set the keyboard brightness manually. It can be buggy though.

    My personal solution was just to set the brightness at 4%. That seems to be dark enough to save battery but just bright enough to make the keys visible in the dark.

    I use the Mode Switcher app to keep the phone at 4% most of the time. A couple of other modes raise it to 25% and 50% in certain situations.
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    Brightness Unlinked caused my phone to pause when browsing and syncing emails I use the method tobias funk is using...efficient enough for me
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    Just install the "Brightness in Device Menu" patch, and increase the Brightness of screen when you want to.
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    I didn't care for the Brightness Unlinked patch either, it made my Pre a little laggy. I didn't like the fact that it's always running in the background. I'd like to see a patch that adds a separate slider on the screen app just for the keyboard.
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    a patch for just the keyboard is not available ..
    you can request it on Patches section.

    but you can use the Brightness Unlink App not the patch, and leave it always opened at night. and then slide the keyboard light like you want by leaving the screen brightness at %0 ... the Brightness Unlink app is not laggy, the "start brightness unlink run on boot" patch is laggy and reloading what making webos hangs an laggy.

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