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    I currently use the Messaging New Cards For Each Conversation patch and I love it! I do have one request to make it even better, but I think a new patch has to be written. Hears the deal, I usually keep multiple messaging cards open and keep the "home" messaging card open that shows all my latest text msg's to my contacts. The problem is, when a new text message comes in and I click on the notification it currently hijacks the "home" messaging card instead of opening up a new card to display the latest message. I would love if a patch could be made to address this issue. Anyone else with me! Thanks developers in advance for looking into this!

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    don't use the patch myself but that does sound like a good idea to make the patch better
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    Have this patch too and I totally agree with you, that would be a nice feature to have in addition to this patch, maybe a simple update might fix that issue?
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    Bump, anyone else interested in seeing this happen? Developers is it possible?
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    I agree, that would be great.
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