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    Hello - I need some help... I am looking for a patch to be able to select a contact so that if they call or SMS it will still ring even though my phone is on silent.

    I work with a local fire department, and they have integrated a new paging system that sends our calls to our phone via an sms gateway. I have added the contact and put a special ring tone in but if I silent the phone, it silents that contact as well (I do understand that is the point of putting the phone on silent). I am just looking for a patch that could be used to override this command and will allow this contacts text messages to still ring when my phone is on silent.

    Thanks for your help!

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    This would be nice for me too - on call for the hospital.
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    Can anyone help with this?
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    If no one creates this for you, an alternative is to install the SMS Contact per Tone patch.

    What you will want to do is have two separate audio files. One will contain your designated notification tone, while the other will be a silent placeholder. Assign your notification file to your contact(s) while setting the "silent" file to the default tone. If you ever want to exit silent mode, you could just switch the "silent" file to another notification tone.

    All the patch would do was simplify the steps needed. I know if I were going to make this patch though, I would just implement a method of having specific contacts ignore the silent function of the ringer (aka bypass). IDK if it's possible, but it's an idea nonetheless.

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    I could use this aswell, Could someone Please make it?
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    Pls can someone help with this - I used to have a Nokia which would allow this and it was very useful as I could set it so my brother's and my girlfriend's calls always came through (even at night when the rest of my phone was silent) - if it's possible can someone do it?!

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